Les meilleurs Helper

The Helper are SimAgri players who answer questions from other players. Each time you answer a question you earn 1 point. If you answer often you will get the grade of Helper Bronze, Silver or even Gold (visible on your SimAgri profile)!

Rank Helper Point(s)
1.lolos 214 pt.
2.Tracor 54 pt.
3.shaelsi 46 pt.
4.rose91 33 pt.
5.PETIT_MONT 29 pt.
6.eta nicole 27 pt.
7.idefix 22 pt.
8.ferme espinas 2 20 pt.
9.Perlin Pinpin 20 pt.
10.loulou63 19 pt.
11.Renato 18 pt.
12.MaNimaL 16 pt.
13.alexdu10 13 pt.
14.gaec cordier 12 pt.
15.Clem_32 11 pt.
16.stephman 11 pt.
17.Kalahor 11 pt.
18.Morgurgh89 11 pt.
19.DMP Madinina 10 pt.
20.Tintin1652 10 pt.